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“Over the past several years I have the opportunity to visit Tonkaway Ranch many times. My employer, Polyfoam Products, Inc. has held numerous corporate outings at Tonkaway where we have enjoyed the shooting facilities with our employees, suppliers, and customers.

We know we can count on having a great time every time we visit. The quail hunting is top notch, with excellent dogs and experienced knowledgeable guides. The entire staff, and in particular Kyle Kacal work tirelessly to make our visits to the ranch are as enjoyable as possible. Over the years we have come to consider Kyle not only a good outfitter but a great friend as well. The lodging is quite comfortable, and the meals are always great.

As a shotgun enthusiast I must say that the shooting activities at Tonkaway will not disappoint any shooter. The sporting clays course is well thought out, and has an interesting and challenging layout. Trapshooting is another option available and is also a lot of fun. The quail hunting is outstanding. The ranch has several different types of terrain to make the hunting challenging and interesting.

Tonkaway Ranch is my favorite place to enjoy both clay shooting and hunting. I look forward to visiting the ranch every time I get the chance.”

Pat Donahue
Polyfoam Products, Inc.

We had our first hunt at Tonkaway last November. We had such a great time that it is now going to be our second annual boys weekend out this year turning quickly in to tradition.

 Kyle and his boys did a great job making the hunt as safe and fun as possible. We particularly enjoyed the different areas on the ranch for the hunts. Most ranches you go to only have a couple fields to hunt that all look the same. Kyle has such a large range of landscape that there are many different changes in the hunt depending on how difficult we want to make our hunt. The changes in scenery really help make the hunts different.

 Kyle and the guys also made us men from Boston feel right at home. The lodging is very comfortable, Kyle and the staff went above and beyond in the food department. Chuck sure does work a mean grill!

 Long story short, by the time we left the ranch we kept in solid contact with them to congratulate Kyle on the success of his A&M teams this year. Kyle and the boys are not just good ranchers they are good people. I am also planning on bringing some clients this year for a corporate hunt. Weekend getaway or corporate hunt, I would highly recommend Kyle and his ranch.

 Ray Summers

"Tonkaway Ranch is the perfect down to earth, laidback setting for sporting clays, quail and duck hunting around. The best thing my 13 year old son and I enjoy the most about the ranch is Kyle and the staff make it feel like your hunting with family and friends. It is not your normal regimented schedule rushing you in and out of the field and to the dinner table. Also, I will entertain client's 4 or 5 times a year at the ranch and always get the same response, they had a great time and when are we coming back."

"Outside of the business entertainment world, a couple of years ago I have entrusted Kyle and his staff to teach my son Hunter at the age of 11 the proper gun and hunting responsibilities needed while hunting quail. With Kyle's patience and personal one on one guidance, Hunter is hooked on quail hunting. I believe in Kyle's ability to teach proper techniques and gun management so much, I try to introduce at least 1 of my son's buddies to shooting sporting clays and quail hunting each year. Once I've done that, they hooked as well. I can't thank Kyle enough for helping with broadening the hunting and outdoors horizon for my best friend, my son. Looking forward to many wonderful memories in the future. Kyle, Tonkway Ranch and staff will always be a part of our life. Thanks."  



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